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Join the mailing list for tons of execellent information and ideas. The latest news concerning the group is almost always to be found on the list first. .

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TCLUG General list

General mailing list for questions, answers, or anything else about linux. This list also includes TCLUG Announcements.

TCLUG Announcements list

TCLUG announcements only, such as meetings and installfest announcements.

TCLUG Development list

Development list for programming and development questions.

TCLUG Mailing Lists Archives

General Mailing List Archive

Announcements Mailing List Archive

TCLUG Mailing List Etiquette
Before posting to the TCLUG mailing list, please read the following FAQ. It is a generic document not specific to the TCLUG, but it will explain the proper etiquette when posting to the list. Failure to comply will probably result in extreme flaming, especially from Chewie.
Mailing List Etiquette FAQ

Please direct all questions, comments, and insults to,
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